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Hebei Fine Art Co., Ltd. is global one-stop solution provider of stone carving, stone building material which related to landscaping engineering, interior and exterior decorations, private, public church construction and renovation. We are proud of ourselves for serving customers with the best product and satisfying service in professional designing, economical and reasonable offer, excellent products quality and international communication, which enable us to gain long term trust and respect from customers.

We mainly produce: marble sculpture, marble carving, stone sculpture, stone carving, landscaping sculpture, garden fountain, sandstone paving stone, marble slab, landscaping carving, garden carving, stone fireplace mantel, bronzes and bronze-crafts and etc.

With the expansion of business scope, now the company also fall within the business of beauty makeup product includes: artificial eyelash and eyebrow knife products, We always devote ourselves to supplying customers with the best customer-oriented products from China.

We did not list our all products here, for more designs with price and specifications in detail, or if you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us by email or phone us by WhatsApp.

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