White Marble Fire Surround-5505

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    Product Description: Relax in style and luxury before this elegant white marble fire surround. Sculpted from gorgeous fine marble in white marble, this opulent fireplace creates an atmosphere of timeless elegance for you to enjoy amongst your intimate surroundings. Contact us today for a custom quote.

    If you really want to add a touch of style to your home and really make your fireplace stand out, then consider one of our white marble fire surrounds. Our beautiful range of white marble fireplace surrounds features various traditional  designs, as well as sleek, contemporary styles - we have something for every home!

    The ageless quality and luxurious polished surface make marble a perfect material for fwhite marble fire surround. Our white marble fire surround are manufactured using quality white marble,  and a combination of modern machinery and traditional hand finishing by skilled stone masons. Each and every white marble fire surround has natural veins and structure so no two white marble fire surround are the same, this ensures the white marble fire surround you choose is unique to you.
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