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The Stone Knowledge Sales Staff Should Know

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一.The Use of Stone

Decorate a requirement higher and higher in the family today, of natural stone material apply begin general rise, 

basically apply at floating windowsill face, stone of doorway, adornment wall, ladder step, toilet mesa, ambry mesa.

二. The Selection of Stone

When choosing stone material, can select makings according to its characteristic, color. Cabinet mesa, 

door stone, ladder step mainly use granite, the hardness of the rock to dense, deep color, color difference is small, 

choose more dark, good to do clean, also have a sense of hierarchy, and will not make people produce light feeling;

Floating window sill surface, decorative wall, toilet mesa can choose marble, rock hardness relative to granite to soft, 

color diversity, texture to be more beautiful, if the window to choose light color, can give a person a kind of warm, 

quiet feeling, but also from the visual "expand" the area of the window;

If adornment wall can choose the cave stone in marble, have cream-colored and white, atmosphere is concise.

Installation Precautions

1. For the installation of light-colored stone, the owner shall provide white cement and river sand; 

Dark stone can use ordinary cement; If directly in the wood base shop, the owner also need to prepare glass glue;

2. door stone is best installed with the floor tile, can also be installed before the installation of the door sleeve line, 

windowsill can be installed before the last putty, basin and hearth these can be a little later and Stone products are generally installed by the manufacturer.

四. Stone Maintenance

1. all stone are afraid of acid and alkali, will make granite yellow, marble surface erosion, alkali will also make granite crystal spalling, 

make stone surface gloss loss. Should use ph value for neutral cleaning agent, daily cleaning of granite only need mild soap and water.

2. the surface of the stone can not cover the carpet and debris for a long time, keep the stone breathing smoothly, 

otherwise the stone will be due to the moisture is too heavy, increased water content pathological changes, 

such as laying the carpet or piled up debris, need to change often.

3. to keep ventilated and dry, stone afraid of environmental humidity is too large, moisture will produce hydration, 

hydrolysis and carbonic acid effect on stone, water spots, whitening, weathering, erosion, rust yellow and other lesions.

4. as far as possible to avoid direct shoe nail, often friction ground, home after the best entry for slippers, reduce the chance of sand dust wear stone surface.

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