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Introduction to stone surface treatment technology (3)

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15. Tumbled

The surface is smooth or slightly rough, and the corners are smooth and broken. There are several ways to achieve the tumbling effect. 20mm bricks can be tumbled in the machine, and 3cm bricks can also be tumbled. Marble and limestone are the materials of choice for tumbling treatments.

16. Nature Split

Commonly known as natural surface, its surface is rough, but not as rough as fire. This finish is usually cut by hand or chiseled in a mine to expose the natural cracked surface of the stone.

17. Pickling

The pickling surface achieves the visual effect by corroding the surface of the stone with strong acid. The treated stone will have small corrosion marks on the surface, and the appearance is more rustic than the polished surface. Most stones can be pickled, but the most common are marble and limestone. And the strong acid will not affect the interior of the stone. It has good anti-skid performance and is mostly used in toilets, kitchens, roads, and is often used to soften the luster of granite.

When processing stone, a variety of techniques and equipment can be used, and the effects are different, and the equipment and techniques used by different stone manufacturers are also different. When processing stone, according to the characteristics of different types of stone, the craftsmanship will be different, and its effect will be even more different. The surface treatment process generally depends on the designer's design ideas, and the stone surface treatment to achieve a certain visual effect or achieve a certain function. The function and beauty of stone have a direct impact on the effect of decoration. It is hoped that people can choose suitable stone when decorating, so as to achieve an organic combination of stone function and beauty, so as to avoid affecting the final effect.

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