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Quyang stone carving

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Quyang in Hebei is one of the four major carving bases in China and is known as the "hometown of stone carving", with marble carving being its strong point. In 2006, the "Quyang Stone Carving Technique" was included in the "first batch of intangible cultural heritage at the ministerial level". In 2011, Quyang County was awarded the "Ministerial Cultural Industry Experimental Park" by the Ministry of Culture. Nowadays, Qu Yang stone carving is one of the four major cultural industries in Hebei Province and one of the ten special industries in Baoding City.


The marble carving in Quyang has a history of more than 2000 years. Starting from the Western Han Dynasty (200 B.C.), Qu Yang people exploited the local white marble and embarked on the road of carving. This is the origin of what is known in the world as HanBaiyu. The  white jade figurines unearthed from the tomb of King Liu Sheng of Zhongshan in Mancheng County, Hebei Province, are the earliest Qu Yang stone carvings ever seen.During the Northern Dynasty, Quyang became the center of Buddhist statues in the north. In the late Northern Wei Dynasty, a large number of white stone Buddhist statues began to appear, and in the Eastern Wei and Northern Qi Dynasty, techniques such as openwork carving, gilding and painting, and round carving of large statues were commonly used, and the artistic level reached its peak.


During the Sui and Tang dynasties, Quyang stone carving tended to be pure and natural, with figures that were either upright and robust, or graceful and elegant, with a unique appearance. In the Five Dynasties, Wang Dizhi's tomb was unearthed with a rich and full figure of a female musician, and the relief carving of a majestic door god was no less impressive than that of the Tang Dynasty, and was the only one of its kind in the world. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Quyang stone carvings were ubiquitous in the palaces, pavilions, pagodas, temples, bridges and other buildings in the capital, surviving to this day. Contemporary architecture, represented by the Monument to the People's Heroes and the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, is deeply engraved with the imprint of Quyang craftsmen. Qu Yang stone carving has continued to flourish with its unique charm and vitality for more than two thousand years.


Stone carving, like other artworks, will develop along with the development of society and its form will reflect the spirit of the era. In recent years, Quyang stone carving industry has developed significantly, on the one hand, the performance of Western figure carving and a variety of apparatus decorative carving, they are separated from the traditional preference for imagery, these works are not the literati in the description of lifelike, but as it is, straight like the real thing, they float across the sea with the diligence and wisdom of the people of Quyang, the enjoyment of this sacred beauty exported to the world's 120 More than 120 countries and regions in the world. On the other hand, our artisans and artists have been on hand to build or install mega carving projects for them. For example, in 2000-2004, Qu Yang people completed the carving promenade in Los Angeles, USA, the monument of friendship between China and Czech Republic, and the miniature landscape of Himeji Castle in Japan, as well as the large wooden carvings of "Hum and Ha" made by the third carving factory for Japan in the early days. The famous projects such as the "Two Generals" for Japan by the Third Carving Factory have accordingly enhanced the brand of Quyang carving, conducted cultural exchanges and promoted international friendship.


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