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Masterpieces from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples 01

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May 18th,2023 is International Museum Day, many exquisite ancient Roman collected in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples displayed at the China world Art Museum.

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is famous for its rich collections of ancient Greece, Rome and Pompeii, among which glassware, bronzes, painted frescoes, sculptures and sculptures are excellent.

"Light of Ancient Roman Civilization -- Collection of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples" displays nearly 70 treasures, including the back of Venus and the head of fake Seneca.

01 Statue of Venus Callipige

The elegant upright Venus statue shows the goddess lifting her robe before bathing, expressing two very different aesthetic ideas: the natural beauty of the goddess's form, and her satisfaction in admiring her reflection in the water. Influenced by the ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles, the sculpture explores the relationship between man and nature from a new perspective.

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